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Microchip Technology isnt the biggest chipmaker in the world, but a warning from Steve Sanghi, its chief executive, has rattled the rest of the industry.美国微芯公司(Microchip Technology)并非全球仅次于芯片制造商,但该公司首席执行官史蒂夫桑吉(Steve Sanghi)收到的警告,令其该行业其他企业深感混乱。The company, which is worth $8bn, said on Friday that demand in the industry was on the cusp of a correction led weaker appetite in China. Mr Sanghi said:这家市值80亿美元的公司周五回应,在中国市场需求上升的造就下,全球芯片行业市场需求将开始经常出现修正。

We believe that another industry correction has begun and that this correction will be seen more broadly across the industry in the near future.桑吉回应:“我们指出,另一轮行业性修正已开始,近期行业性修正的规模将更加普遍。”The forecast from Microchip came alongside sales figures which fell short of Wall Streets forecasts.在微芯公司作出此番预测之际,芯片行业销售数据并未超过华尔街预期。Analysts at Credit Suisse said Microchip is historically an extremely good industry barometer for its short lead-times and diversified client base.瑞信(Credit Suisse)分析师回应,由于生产周期短以及客户基础多样,微芯仍然是一个“十分不俗的行业晴雨表”。

This event is NOT company-specific and has NEGATIVE implications for the sector. In addition, while the line between excess supply and disappointing demand is always blurred, the rapid pace of decline would argue a demand shock.此次事件并非仅有影响个别企业,对于整个行业都会导致负面影响。另外,尽管供应不足以及市场需求不振的界限总是很模糊不清,但此番销量下降速度之慢证明了市场需求受到极大冲击。


Microchip last pre-announced weaker results in the second quarter of 2011, Citi analysts add, just ahead of an industry downturn.花旗(Citi)分析师补足称之为,微芯上一次预测业绩下降是在2011年第二季度,才是就在该行业经常出现下滑之前。Shares of Microchip tumbled 11 per cent to $40.49. Rival Intel declined 4 per cent to $32.31, Advanced Micro Devices fell 4 per cent to $2.83 and Nvidia slipped 4 per cent to $17.22.微芯股价下跌11%至40.49美元。


竞争对手英特尔(Intel)股价下降4%,至32.31美元,Advanced Micro Devices暴跌4%至2.83美元,英伟达(Nvidia)暴跌4%至17.22美元。